Graphic Design and Art Direction
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Philips Avent | Gifting

The challenge was to ‘gift’ a Philips Avent Starter Pack, aimed at a target audience of gift givers to first time parents. Themes to consider: Christmas, Mothers Day and Baby Shower events. The concept is simple, the original F Box remains untouched (where all regulatory information remains) leaving the freedom to create a targeted and effective POS presence. My aim was to bring a more playful, emotive tone of voice to the design language.

Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design, Copy

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Lots of information on pack, communication is unclear.



With ‘gifting’ sleeve; more targeted and playful.

Philips gifting 2.jpg


Countries were fully engaged and inspired. The whole idea that they can now take a simple concept and localise it to suit their region or campaign, is fully supporting movement of product off shelf. The gifting concepts were particularly well received in China.


Initial sketch concepts.