Graphic Design and Art Direction
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Amsterdam Canal Aqua

This was a proactive project inspired by the news of the city’s 400 year anniversary of the famous canal district. The idea was to create a luxurious souvenir; a limited edition, authentic, canal water bottle. The water was extracted from the Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Singel; a QR code on the reverse shows the exact location the water was drawn from. Furthermore, each of the limited-edition bottles tells a story about the canal’s history.

Role: Concept, Design, Production, Pecha Kucha speaker


Design studies

As with any creative project, lots of studies were made to determine how the visual language could develop. In the end, the simplest was preferred as it contrasted nicely with the sediment water inside the bottle.

Designs Slide.jpg

The project was so popular that someone made a video about the project. We sold all the bottles donating to a water related cause.

I spoke at a local Pecha Kucha event about the project.