Graphic Design and Art Direction
Trashbots cover page.jpg


This project was pitched to the City of Amsterdam. The idea was to help encourage young people to recycle.
I wanted to make separating trash more fun and created the ‘Trashbots’ to give drab recycling points a fun makeover.

Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design, Illustration

Trashbots cover page.jpg

These eye-catching ‘trashbots’ become mascots for recycling in Amsterdam, and a friendly incentive for people to separate their trash.




Recycle stations become more ‘child-friendly’ - encouraging recycling behaviour with the younger generation.

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Locater app

An app helps locate your nearest recycle station. The app offers tips on recycling and advice on what to do when your nearest station is full.

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Design the next trashbot

An idea for local schools to participate with creating the next ‘trashbot’ character.


Unfortunately, it didn’t win the pitch. But a couple of years later a very similar campaign appeared in Amsterdam. Not saying they used my idea, but I like to think that I helped inspire this one.