Graphic Design and Art Direction
Gibson digital cover page 2.jpg

Gibson | Trainer

360 Campaign to launch Gibson’s latest wireless headphones ‘Trainer’. Leveraging Usain Bolt as the brand’s ambassador, the campaign was shot entirely in Jamaica. Song titles were hand-lettered, much like the colourful hand-painted, dancehall signage found in Jamaica.

Role: Art Direction, Design, Typography, Hand Lettering

Gibson digital cover page 2.jpg

Hand-lettering sketch

Aint no mountain text.jpg

Application in print


A full overview of the project:

Text sketch lock ups.jpg

Initial typographic studies

On the mac - typographic lock-ups for the headlines.

Dancehall type

Visual cultural reference

Research of Jamaican dancehall typography showed more of a ‘loose’, free-hand lettering style. Colourful and imperfect. It was clear that the headlines should reflect Usain’s Jamaican heritage.

Final design

I decided that to be authentic the headlines had to be hand lettered. All campaign messaging was created by hand and coloured referencing the Jamaican dancehall inspiration.