Graphic Design and Art Direction
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A proactive idea pitched to and implemented by Stivoro, NL. The campaign highlights how much is spent annually on cigarettes by smokers in Netherlands (spending is quite topical to the Dutch).

Role: Art Direction, Design, Production

The Smoker's Annual Pyramids.1.jpg

This was visually strengthened by using cigarettes to tell the story. Images depicting scenarios of what you could do with the saved money, were created using CGI and the text uses the same design language as a warning label found on a cigarette pack.


Part 1 - Print campaign

This was an initiative idea and was pitched to Stivoro, NL, an organisation with the mission to make non-smoking normal. They liked the idea and we were able to develop a successful print campaign with 3 scenarios; travel, high-end fashion and automotive.


Part 2 - Activation campaign

The idea became bigger and local businesses were on-boarded to help spread the message in an engaging way. An app was developed to help show what you spend according to your lifestyle.