Graphic Design and Art Direction

TomTom | Nav4 Launch

TomTom were launching a new 3D map navigation device that needed it’s own platform within their existing product portfolio.

Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design


By simplifying the retail shelf and being more single minded with products, it became more disruptive to customers.


The cluttered retail reality and the less-sophisticated TomTom retail display.

TomTom before.jpg
TomTom before.jpg

Visual Language

I created a new icon visual language system for application across multiple touch-points. The emphasis was on technology, and I used the product’s features like the 3D maps to create a visual language system. To celebrate the product launch in retail stores like Saturn and Media Markt, I developed a full print and retail campaign with clear navigation through the extensive product portfolio.

go_icons landscape.jpg

Dramatising the 3D Mapping feature

A 3D city was created to emphasise the new product feature.


3D renders by Dan Stern at Iris.